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So I recently finished a two week long program at Dartmouth called SISMAT (Secure Information Systems Mentoring and Training) where I learned about a plethora of computer security related topics. Overall I had a really great time and met some really cool people. Each day was structured with two lectures in the morning and one or two labs in the afternoon. The topics presented included web vulnerabilities, software vulnerabilities, sniffing/network analysis, ethics in computer security, and public key infrastructure. Going in I wasn’t expecting my Linux skills to improve, but they did with all the labs and the RTFM mentality of the instructors (and I mean that in a good way).

Starting tomorrow I begin part two of SISMAT; that is, I start my first day at my internship at Ernst & Young in New York City. I’m both excited and nervous to be working at the Advanced Security Center, although I think most of the nervousness is due to my unfamiliarity with New York city. I am, however, looking forward to learning during the month I will be interning since I have had plenty of experience developing web apps for The College.

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